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Home Page Makeover

Your business is rolling along, but you have the nagging feeling the DIY site that has served you for years just isn't cutting it anymore.

You hate to admit, but every time someone asks you for your website, you cringe knowing it isn’t as professional looking as it could be.

But as much as you want that updated look, it’s not your top priority to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new website right now.

You want to make your site better so you have something you’re pumped to send to potential customers, but you know if you keep messing with it, you won’t be 100% happy with the results.

You wish there was a way you could freshen it up NOW. Like today. Because you have awesome clients and a business you love to attend to.

Sound Familiar?

  • Does your face burn when someone inquires about your DIY site?
  • Does your home page still have those old credentials and photos from 2012?
  • Are you frustrated by updates you’ve been wanting to make, but you aren’t sure which step to take first, or what goes where?
  • Annoyed any changes you make won’t be up your high standards?

I help coaches and creatives like you who are quickly outgrowing their DIY site, but aren’t quite ready to invest the time or money in a total rebrand. I help you update your online presence so it’s more polished, and more professional, now – so you can move on with your life and business.

What’s Your Website’s Pro Potential?

As a result of knowing exactly how to update your content and visuals to create a site you will happily put out into the world, you’ll:

  • Feel less embarrassed and more excited to share, knowing you have a homepage that represents you and your style.
  • Have a home page that lets your potential clients know exactly how to work with you, and why they should care, in the first seven seconds of visiting.
  • Rest easy knowing your site is finally up to date, including those cool offers you’ve worked so hard on.
  • Celebrate finally taking action instead of putting it off for another 6 months.

Makeover Package Includes:


Brand Clarity Questionnaire

Before diving in, let’s take a minute to get crystal clear on what your brand stands for.

Then, breathe a sigh of relief knowing the updates suggested in the makeover session will purposefully-align with your brand, and your most pressing business goals.


The Makeover Session

Clear on your where your brand and business are today, we’ll move into a 60 minute deep dive into your home page and discuss every opportunity for improvement.

Ready to sell your book, for example? We will make sure your home page’s primary job is to sell that book and we make a plan to re-organize anything that doesn’t serve that goal.

We’ll also make sure the words you say, the visuals and font choices you use are consistent and cohesive. Your site will be delightfully organized so that clients will be able to find out quickly how to work with you.

Don’t worry, our conversation will be recorded so you can re-visit whenever you need to reference all the yummy suggestions and feedback I give you.


Brand Cheat Sheet

After our call, this checklist will make sure you’ve got all the essential brand elements covered, along with specific recommendations for your site.

This will be an handy reference moving forward, because you’ll be able to see where your site works or doesn’t – and how to fix it.


Final Touches Call

After you’ve had 2-3 weeks to make the suggested changes, we’ll meet for a 30 minute follow-up call.

This will ensure you’ll finally DO the changes you’ve been meaning to do. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any burning questions, or request any additional feedback.


Your Brand Resources List

Don’t waste time searching for the right photographer or web developer yourself! I got you covered with a done-for-you list of trusted professionals for all your web needs.

You can rest assured these pros come highly recommended and meet both of our high standards. You can hire them with full confidence in their ability to rock so you don’t have to risk hiring your cousin’s friend.

Clients Will Swoon Over Your Updated Site.

Take pride in sharing a site that’s (finally!) up to date and up to your standards – and watch as your ideal clients start rolling in.

Let’s Get Started on your Makeover!

Are you interested in working with me?

Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1

Book your Makeover appointment and make your payment by clicking the button below.


Step 2

Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your Brand Clarity Questionnaire and instructions.


Step 3

Then we’ll hold your session and get that home page whipped into shape!

Have Questions? Email me here.

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